Day 117. 137km. Miyaneh – Zanjan

Posted: July 18, 2015 in Cycling, Iran
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The cold weather has gone. Today James and I cycled against a hairdryer hurricane in a desolate landscape, passing our milestones of 9000km and 10000km. We are staying together with 3 other cyclists at our warm shower host Behnam in Zanjan. Its good to be amongst cyclists. ☺

Passing 9000km

Passing 9000km

The wind can make or break a cyclist’s day. Today it was a mixed bag – mostly a ferocious side/head wind, sometimes a full headwind, and for some brief moments, a tail wind. We cycled 10 km/h today. We also cycled 35 km/h. It was our main conversation point of the day. Who can take the wind while to other rode in the slipstream? If the next bend in the road could give some relief from the wind. Whether some side hills might deflect the wind briefly. James’ 10000km mark was passed rather unceremoniously. A quick photo and onwards. I took a short video of him cycling past some tumbling tumbleweed.

We arrived at 20.00 in Zanjan – two little greasy oil spots, and were soon whisked away with 3 other cycle tourists, and many others – 15 of us crammed into a small van to the top of the hill overlooking Zanjan for dinner. The music was pumping as we zoomed along. Every day is different. And exciting!

Dinner in Zanjan

Dinner in Zanjan

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