My first article in the paper. I’m proud!

Posted: September 3, 2014 in Cycling
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Last week I was interviewed by @SimonRood from the Eindhovens Dagblad (newspaper), and today it appeared in the paper. There’s a bit of a party atmosphere at work today. Really nice!

Article in the Eindhovens Dagblad

Here is a pdf of the article in the Eindhovens Dagblad

  1. Pat Gaudry says:

    Hi Matthew,
    I have followed your steps ever since we first moved to the house next to you in Adelaide when you were just one year old. Who could have predicted then what a great adventure you would now be setting out to enjoy. The Gaudry family all wish you the very best of travels and marvellous encounters along the way and look forward to following your blog.
    Pat , Kerry , Rebecca and Peter

    • Thanks, Pat.
      Yes. I have known you all my life. I remember dearly having you as neighbours, and playing together with Kerry, Rebecca and Peter!
      Also Garth played a big role in my doing a PhD in the Netherlands.
      Thanks for your best wishes. I also wish you all the best, and hope to see you when I am in Australia!!

  2. Anneloes Warrener says:

    Wow that is going to be one hell of a ride. The ride of your life that will be filled with the best of memories. Hopefully yoyr message will make others think about how it can be done more environmentally friendly.

    • Thanks Anneloes! Yes. It will be amazing and I’m so looking forward to it. Closing things at work this week is getting emotional.
      And the world needs to take a different direction towards sustainability. I hope I can make a little contribution.
      All the best!

  3. AndrewGills says:

    Ooh. Departure is imminent. Just a week to go.

  4. petitpas says:

    bravo Matthieu pour les “pédales vertes “, et bon courage pour ton voyage , je sais que tu es très impatient d’être sur ton vélo et que c’est une grande joie pour toi . je te souhaite la meilleure météo possible et de belles rencontres tout au long de ce périple. nous allons te suivre sur le blog avec les autres “warmshowers “.

    • Merci beaucoup pour ton message. Je me rappelle aux bonnes mémoires chez vous! C’est bien près, mon départ. J’attends avec patience! 🙂 Ça fait une semaine!

  5. JEAJ says:

    Wat een leuk artikel! We verheugen ons op zaterdag om je weer te zien in Schimmert!

  6. Daaf says:

    Hello Matthew,

    You don’t now me. I’m coming from Holland and I read about your trip. Your story caught my attention and fascinates me. So, I decided to follow your blog. I want to wish you good luck and have a save and, most important, beautiful journey… Looking forward to your stories and pics.

    Daaf Loezang.

    • Hey Daaf. Nice to hear from you, and thanks for your best wishes! Its been a nice relaxing start visiting friends before I enter into less known territory. Fun! 🙂

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