Day 57. 36km. Holmfoss – Kirkenes

Posted: August 3, 2013 in Cycling, Norway
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Today was my last day cycling. A small stint in the sun to Kirkenes – where they are partying in the warm sun. It’s the city festival – to say goodbye to a tired and contented cycler.

Day 57. 36km. Holmfoss – Kirkenes. Map and gpx.

My humble little camp site looking out over Russia looks much nicer after a sleep, some food in the stomach, and sun.

Again, returning on the same road, I was on familiar territory. I knew exactly where the best places were to swim. I had 2 swims. The water was lovely.

Here are some pictures of my return to Kirkenes.



It feels like the end. It is time to wrap things up. Here is my trusty bike at the final destination. Kirkenes.

I am returning to normal life, and leaving arctic cycler behind (until the next adventure). My bear-like looks will be left behind with arctic cycler. I will return as Matthew. Shaven and clean.

First a hair cut.

And bye-bye bear.


People are partying outside. Live music is blaring. I don’t mind. I’m content to lie in my hotel room and glow. I’ve made it.

  1. Hi Matthew! Glad to read that everything went fine! I’ll continue myself for a few days in Finnish Lapland, and then it’ll be over for me as well. If you want, search me in fbook, we could stay in touch for exchanging ideas about the next trips in the future. Have fun!


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