Day 56. 130km. Grense Jakobselv – Holmfoss

Posted: August 2, 2013 in Cycling, Norway
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My bike trip started with heat, and now, in the Arctic, it is ending with heat. Cycling and swimming in the bright sun, exploring the Russian border. Cycling along Pasvikdaken.

Day 56. 130km. Grense Jakobselv – Holmfoss. Map and gpx.

The sun may or may not have set. It disappeared into the haze in the horizon at some point, but had moved a bit when I poked my head out the tent at 3am.

I poked my head out again at 6 and got ready to leave. My cycling attire in the heat made we worried about sunburn. A lovely Italian couple that I met last night helped me out there.

The chapel was better illuminated in the morning light. Goodbye Grense Jakobselv.

The light was also better to capture the steep walls enclosing the valley.

Having cycled this route before, I could choose the best place for a swim. My own private beach.


My destination today was south of Kirkenes – the Pasvikdal. This valley is a continuation of the border with Russia. A road from Kirkenes follows this valley and this tail at the end of Norway almost down to the place where the borders of Norway, Russia and Finland meet. I didn’t want to go to the end, but rather see the valley, and find a nice, remote place to camp. Also, everyone tells me I should look at the forest devastation near the Russian town of Nikel. Well, Pasvikdalen: here I come!

Getting there, I passed a lovely fjord.

And some lovely lakes. The forests have really returned.

The Pasvik River is much bigger than Grens Jakobselv. I cycled near it a few times. The girl from the national parks office said that there are good places to camp all along the river. I didn’t find them. Still, it was a nice cycle.

This was the best camping spot I found near the river. The reeds made access to the water hard, though.


I decided to take a dirt road to a lake high in the hills. Bad move. After about 10km I turned back. I didn’t feel like cycling another 15km on a dreadful road, and cycling back tomorrow.

I was getting hot and bothered. And tired. I cycled to another shot that was apparently good for camping.

Well, I’m near the water, but no real access to it due to the reeds. Nice view, though.

Tomorrow is my last cycling day. I will be going the short distance back to Kirkenes. Sunday I will be flying back to Holland. My holiday is drawing to an end. It’s been an amazing trip. All good things come to an end. More good things await..

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