Day 47. 24km hike. Kinnerodden

Posted: July 24, 2013 in Hiking, Norway
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The northern most point of mainland Europe. In the sun and clear blue skies. Even warm enough for some tundra lake swims. A wonderful day.

Day 47. 24km hike. Kinnerodden. Map and gpx.

Once a year, as part of the Mehamn festival, there is a public guided walk from Kinnerodden – the northern most point of mainland Europe (the North Cape is on an island). There are very few guided walks there other than that, and to get there, you have to do it on your own. Luckily I was in Mehamn on the right day.

It was also the right day concerning the weather. I pulled open the curtains to see this.


The group of hardy travelers assembled at the harbour for our boat drop off.

There were six of us. It was a lovely boat trip. Given that it was calm, there were some big waves – it was full moon, and apparently several currents meet at that point to cause a bigger swell.


After being dropped off, we climbed up to a saddle with a lovely view over the bay.

And up to a place with a hard to reach ‘geocache’. These are little packages placed in hard to reach places, and then recorded with GPS coordinates in the internet. There was a little tupperware container with various random items. The idea is to write your name in the book, take something from the cache, and put something else as replacement there.

We climbed a bit higher onto a plateau for our first little break.


The trip went over the rocky plateau, down to lakes, up rivers, through marshy regions. Often with amazing views over rock – it was like being on the moon.



It was hot work and we went for a swim. Some dived straight into the water. I went more slowly. I forgot to bring my swimming shorts.

Then it was downhill to Mehamn. As we got lower, it got greener and greener.


I wanted to catch the Hurtigruten boat to Berlevåg. We arrived in Mehamn as the boat was arriving. A quick drive to the harbour, and I then wheeled my bike in to the waiting boat.

A beautiful ‘sunset’ awaited me in Berlevåg.

  1. AndrewGills says:

    So it was your turn to be crazy naked swimmer . Haha. I love geocaching. I have some travel bugs that are currently in Norway and Holland.

    • I wasn’t the only naked swimmer. 🙂
      This was the first time i’ve heard of geocaching. Apparently this one has caused people some problems. En route the weather turned bad and people had to be helicoptered out. Today it was amazing weather – even hot. 🙂

      • AndrewGills says:

        I have always wanted to go proper naked swimming (not the quick sneaky naked swimming I’ve done in hidden creeks when no one’s watching) but have always been way too shy. Mind you, as a transgender man my body’s not what people usually expect a man’s body to look like so that’s part of why I’m shy. And besides, naked swimming isn’t that common (and is illegal) here in Oz.

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