World Cycle 2014: Macedonia (FYROM)

Macedonia was, for me, Lake Ohrid. A beautiful lake, a lovely town, and a spectacular mountain pass with a view over the lake.

Overview: here

Last country: Albania
Next country: Greece

Day 53. 80km. Peshkopi – Struga: Welcome to Macedonia, and hello again, James. In Macedonia the roads are smoother and built such they are less steep although the landscape is the same. A walk in the park as I cruised along a gorgeous valley in the sun to Lake Ohrid where I joined forces with James again.
Day 54. 73km. Struga – Oteshevo: It was Mr. Harris, with the inner tent in the bedroom. Staying in the Cluedo murder mystery, back to the 70s lake resort, James and I reminisce the fantasmogorical day cycling around and then up over the stunning Lake Ohrid.
wpid-20141106_103245.jpg Day 55. 51km. Oteshevo – Bitola: It is a different feeling cycling in a grey, overcast, cold landscape. Sleeping in and eating is more appealing than cycling. We made our way to Bitola and called it a day. We had a lovely evening with Goce – our warm shower host in Bitola. Greece tomorrow.

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