Bodø – Nordkapp, Norway, 2012

In 2012 I cycled from Bodø to the North Cape (Nordkapp), a total of 1330 km, completing my bike tour of Norway started with Ed in 1997, when we cycled from Tønsberg to Oslo, and then to Bodø.

It was a spectacular trip. What were my highlights? There were many. Here are my top 4.

Highlight 1: The team of 4 met on the boat, and cycled together on the magical island of Senja. The weather was perfect, and our wild camping place on our own private fjord was spectacular. We bathed in the midnight sun.
Highlight 2: I climbed the almost vertical wall behind the village of Reine on the Lofoten islands to experience the most exquisite panorama. Moskenesøya at midnight.
Highlight 3: Skirting the northern coast on Austvågøya on the Lofoten islands on the way to Fiskebøl. Majestic mountains, fjords and serene tranquility.
Highlight 4: Arriving at the North Cape (Nordkapp). It was windy. It was cold. It was barren. And it was spectacular. I had made it. What a feeling!

Here is a day by day summary of the trip. I am interested to know which parts you likes. Click on like or rate on the individual day posts to let me know! 🙂

Day 0. To start in Moskenes Surrounded by pointy mountains and beautiful blue sky I set up my tent in Moskenes. Then I climb to the top of a peak above the town of Reine to experience the most exquisite panorama. Moskenesøya at midnight.
Day 1. Moskenes – Ørsnesvika. 131km The south of the islands are bathed in sun, the north in cloud, and I alternate between the two. Every turn reveals a new panorama.
Day 2. Ørsnesvika – Stokmarknes. 100kmSun, pointed peaks, fjords and tranquility. A highlight of the trip following the coast on Austvågøya island.
Day 3. Stokmarknes – Frøskeland. 73 km Cycling along the quiet north road on Langøya. I couch surfed with the lovely Svein near Sortland.
Day 4. Frøskeland – Andernes. 127 km The beautiful Andøya island was bathed in low hanging cloud. No midnight sun cycle, but ghostly scenery of pointy mountains in the mist.
Day 5. Andernes – Ersfjord. 80 km The team of 4 cycle along fjords, up steep long valleys, through tunnels into the wild and absolutely breathtaking scenery of Senja island. Wild camping on our own private fjord, we bathe in the midnight sun.
Day 6. Ersfjord – Tromsø. 94 km An early morning ride across Senja with not a soul around. Goal is Tromsø, and a hotel with curtains. After an afternoon sleep, I see the midnight sun looking out from above over Tromsø.
Day 7. Tromsø – Fosslv. 131 km. Rain as I cycle the road I passed in the winter with Dad and Valerie. A race against the clock to catch a ferry. An afternoon of amazing threatening clouds hanging low over the mountains. And no more rain.
Day 8. Fosselv – Alta. 161 km Mountain passes and a long road along the fjord. 50 metres up and 50 metres down, 30 metres up and 30 metres down. All the way to Alta. Exhausting. And then another broken spoke. The spoke problem is now serious.
Day 9. Alta. 40 km No bike mechanics in Alta, and my spoke replacements aren’t doing the job. An attempt to leave Alta failed, and I return, dejected, not knowing what to do next.
Day 10. Alta (car: Hammerfest). 11 km A car hired, 130 km driven, and a new wheel bought in the northerly town of Hammerfest. The bike is now OK to continue.
Day 11. Alta – Repvåg. 153 km. High tundra plain and windy coastal road. The North Cape is approaching!
Day 12. Repvåg – Nordkapp – Honningsvåg. 118 km The Nordkapp tunnel, and then a windy, hilly, chilly, and beautiful slog to the North Cape with Chris. Goal achieved! I am happy!
Day 13. Honningsvåg. 0 km Down day in Honningsvåg. Cups of tea, talks with Chris, and a 50 metre dash through the rain to the supermarket.
Day 14. Honningsvåg – Kjøllefjord – Mehamn. 39 km Journey in the grey to the Nordkyn peninsula. A bleak, barren and windswept place. Beautiful!
Day 15. Mehamn – Slettnes – Kjøllefjord. 72 km The most northern lighthouse on mainland europe. Another broken spoke, and a drenching, cold, windy return towards Kjøllefjord.

Here is a summary video of the trip.

  1. Sartenada says:

    Awesome. I just wonder how You did manage the long tunnel before Nordkapp.

    I have post also from

    Road trip to Nordkapp (North Cape).

    Happy biking!

  2. Thanks for inspiring us to undertake a similar trip, we had a fantastic time and my account is at

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