Day 10. 159km. Croydon – Normanton

Posted: June 25, 2022 in Australia, Cycling, Queensland
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“They sun themselves on the salt flats. Massive things. As big as the statue. If you stay more than 50m away you’ll be fine. And stay away from the water.” I contemplate my stay in croc territory as I watch the sunset from the bridge over the Norman River. I’m excited.

Life size, so they say

Today was a perfect cycling day. An ever so gradual slope downwards and a handy tailwind. I left at 5:15am in the dark and glided along through the dark, watching the sky turn pink and then orange before the direct sunbeams poked out between the trees.

Early morning on the road

The Gulflander train stops at Blackbull siding at 10:15am on Thursdays. I was there at 9 for a snack and photos.

Blackbull Siding
Blackbull Siding

I waited for the train 105km from Croydon, waving as it passed.

A snack stop at Leichardt Lake before on to the big smoke – Normanton.

Leichardt Lake
Leichardt Lake
The famous Purple Pub in Normanton

Out of Normanton is a pedestrian bridge over the Norman River. Its quite an impressive waterway. I spent an hour looking for crocs and watching the sky turn amazing colours.

The GoPro is capturing the sunset
Norman River at sunset
Norman River at sunset
  1. Jay Witawat Veerayano says:

    Thanks for the update, Matthew! Love the pictures. šŸ™‚

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