Day 7. 52km Mount Surprise – Talaroo Hot Springs

Posted: June 21, 2022 in Australia, Cycling, Queensland
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“Dettol will kill them. Knocks ’em over.” He then got up and slapped it with his thong. And then again. Picking it up from by the hind leg, he lay it on some flat ground and gave it one final deadly blow. I had just witnessed the death of my first cane toad.

The road to Talaroo Hot Springs

Today started with a bus ride back to where I had ridden yesterday. I joined the tour group as they scaled a volcanic crater with a nice view over the surrounding landscape.

The view from the crater rim

The group then gingerly made its way into an amazing network of cylindrical tunnels formed by lava. There are over 150km of these tubes. We had a quick glimpse of them.

Entering into the lava tube
Inside the lava tube
Inside the lava tube

These are the sort of places I would love to fossick around by myself. A huge network of tunnels to explore. As part of a group, our hour walking around the tubes was enough.

Back in Mount Surprise, after a quick lunch of their famous vanilla slice (raved about by many) and a sandwich, I was off again on my bike into the Australian bush.

The main road
Einasleigh River
Einasleigh River
Einasleigh River

Destination was Talaroo Hot Springs. I have only heard good things about them. It is an immaculate, new setup. I only had time for a glimpse of the river tonight. Tomorrow I’ll have more time as well as a tour of the springs.


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