Day 6. 149km. Woodleigh Station – Mount Surprise

Posted: June 20, 2022 in Australia, Cycling, Queensland
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Plans change, and I am surprised I ended in Mount Surprise. Tours to the lava tubes only run out of Mount Surprise, so I put my foot on the accelerator and was blown by a tailwind downhill to Mount Surprise.

My surprise welcome at Mount Surprise

It was slow going in the overcast weather, undulating landscape and headwind to Mount Garnet and then Pinnarendi Station.

New information. I don’t want to cycle to Einasleigh due to horrible corrigations. I do want to go to Mount Surprise tonight so I can join a tour to the lava tubes tomorrow morning. This required a speedy 71km which I did in under 3 hours. Thank you tailwind (after the road changed direction) and gradual downhill slope.

Mount Surprise
  1. That’s the great thing about cycle touring! Changing one’s mind at the last moment (for better or worse).

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