Day 4. 123km. Canberra – Goulburn

Posted: January 2, 2022 in Australia, Cycling, NSW
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I cycled through the gate onto a grassy patch with paragliders waiting to jump over the cliff. Below me were the plains of Lake George and the Federal Highway snaking its way from left to right. I didn’t know I’d have this view, but it’s the unplanned things that are often the best.

Looking over the cliff

On the first day of the cycle trip, my goal was to get to Canberra as quickly as possible to have time to go into the mountains. Returning, I had the whole day and tried a different route – one that avoids the highway as much as possible.

I had time to pass Parliament House.

Parliament House

I have discovered Camberra’s cycle path network. There are at least 7 long routes. I followed C4 into the city and C1 out. Nicely marked, they keep the cyclists out of the traffic and make it a pleasant experience for cyclists.

The Canberra cycle network

Filling up with water, I started talking to a cyclist who was resting in the shade. He had a good tip of a side road to Gundaroo.

A peaceful gravel road rather than the busy main road

Getting from Gundaroo to Collector involved a bit of climbing on a dirt track. It was beautiful, quiet bush, and I took it slow. On one of the climbs I realised the bike has gone 81,000km.


I had had enough by the time I got to Collector and decided on taking the highway to Goulburn. Not pleasant but mostly flat and quick. I quick stop to take a photo of the Goulburn sheep and then into the town for a celebratory meal. My short Christmas biketrip in the mountains was at an end.

The giant sheep

  1. Rambo the sheep looking as smart as ever!

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