Day 3. 84km. Waterhole Hut – Canberra

Posted: January 1, 2022 in Australia, Cycling
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Everything was covered in an early morning frost as the sun burst over the neighbouring hill to announce the start of the day – a day of lots of pushing, some river crossings, and a beautiful, remote feeling.

Waterhole Hut at dawn

I spent a few hours playing around at the hut, including flying the drone around.

Waterhole Hut

And poking my nose in Westermans Hut.

Westermans Hut

Then it was off to continue the ‘challenging’ route along the Naas Valley. The challenging part was the constant steep up and down. Often it was a case of inching up the inclines, two steps up and one slide back. I loved it though.

Naas Valley
Naas Valley

I was quite looking forward to the river fords up to your waist. Today they were up to my shins. One was up to my knees. The waters from the recent rains have subsided.

Now I’m back in civilisation. Yesterday night when I was looking up at the night sky, I saw the glow coming from the north. Now I’m inside that glow. Canberra.

  1. Frost? No frost here in midwinter UK, it’s 14 degrees! Are you at very high altitude? And those slopes do look challenging, particularly with a loaded bike.

  2. Those dirt roads really do look challenging!

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