Day 2. 83km. Newcastle – Tin City – Hawks Nest

Posted: November 24, 2021 in Australia, Cycling, NSW
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The ramshackle collection of tin shacks lies in the sand dunes, windswept, at the end of the world. I love this place.

On the way to Tin City

The drizzle cleared and the sun poked through. The Tin City shacks were waiting.

Tin City shack
Tin City from above

I took side roads when I could, but the main road was a stark contrast to the desolation of Tin City.

Port Stephens is busy, and Hawks Nest is a quiet, laid back version of it. An amazing thin line of sanddunes stretches out to a headland. That’s where I cycled.

Yacaba spit
Yacaba spit
Yacaba spit
Yacaba spit

Tomorrow more new places to explore. Here is an old post of Tin City.

  1. Mic Clouten says:

    Matt, Great to see you posting your cycling blog again. Your travels gave inspired me to do a big trip in the future. It’s also great you are finding these rides around Sydney, a place that is difficult for cycling. Best wishes, Mic

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