Day 19. 161km. Emmdale – Cobar

Posted: October 30, 2020 in Australia, Cycling, NSW
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Today I felt tired. Tired until the final sprint. I turned around and there it was – the thunderstorm from hell. And the tailwind to go with it. 60km in 2 hours to Cobar.



The wind was meant to be a tailwind, but it didn’t know what it wanted. The road undulated, climbing slowly towards Cobar. I didn’t have the energy to fight the wind, so I crawled along. I slept for half an hour at each of the rest stops.

The road to Cobar

The road to Cobar

Afternoon nap

Afternoon nap

The last rest stop was 62km from Cobar. I wanted to get a bit closer, and headed off around 5 to do a few kilometres before setting up camp.

Before long I turned around. Behind me was black. The friendly sky in front was not reflected behind. A big storm was rolling in. Suddenly the wind picked up. The air smelt of storm. The wind was 100% in the direction of Cobar. So I took it.

Travelling at 40kmh, I realised that  Cobar was reachable this evening –  and looking at the storm – I really should reach it.

For 2 hours I rode the wind. The undulations made no difference. The wind blew me up anything. I arrived in Cobar at 7. With all hotels booked, it’s airbnb for me.

  1. I love a tailwind, but that’s insane! 🙂

  2. deltathecat says:

    Your storm tailwind is interesting. Sounds as though it could have been a microburst. This happens when the storm develops a strong downdraft at its centre. This pours vertically to the ground and then spreads out in all directions. In front of the storm it would be a tailwind for you. If you were in an aircraft and approaching to land under the storm you could suddenly find yourself with a tailwind. You would already be going slowly, and a sudden strong tailwind could drop your airspeed enough to lead to a stall. There have been crashes…

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