Day 18. 102km. Wilcannia – Emmdale

Posted: October 29, 2020 in Australia, Cycling, NSW
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‘I grew up here and now live in Newcastle. I’m here to buy the house I grew up in,’ said the lady camping next to me in Wilcannia. ‘Properties with derelict houses sell for $600 – yes – less than one grand. Ones with good houses go for $10,000.’
My jaw dropped.

The road to Cobar

The road to Cobar

After pushing through 200km to Wilcannia yesterday, today I was lethargic. I only had 100km to do and was in no hurry to do them. The road climbed a hundred metres which was slow. I stopped at the nice reststop half way for ages.

More trees today

More trees today

I walked in to the Emmdale Roadhouse.
‘I hate it here,’ said the owner. ‘I’ve been here 4 years and my wife 10. Can’t wait to get out.’
He looked at me perplexed with my bike. Not in an amused way. In a way, like, this guy is crazy but as long as he pays, I’m ok with it.
‘We’re making shitloads of money here,’ he said.
On talking to them I understand why they’re so frustrated. Legal disputes with the neighbour so they can’t sell. Stuck a long way from the grandchildren.

The wind is looking good, so Cobar may be on the cards for tomorrow.

  1. deltathecat says:

    You’re going well.
    Incidentally, I can’t see your photos. Just blanks.

  2. valerievolk says:

    Interesting to read – I really like the snippets of personal contacts. But still no photos visible.

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