Day 8. 45km. Machuca – San Pedro

Posted: September 5, 2019 in Chile, Cycling
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I went to bed last night with an altitude sickness headache and concerns about cycling the ruta de lagunas. I woke with a plan – one that involves a lot of cheating.

Frozen river at Machuca

Frozen river at Machuca

My struggle with climbing to 4000m with a fully loaded bike, coupled with a reread of the cycling blogs of people who have cycled the ruta de lagunas made me realise that the whole route I was planning was going to take longer than the 7 days I had read. After chatting with my friend Ty Domin, I think that taking a jeep to the half way point will do the trick.

Llamas at Machuca

Llamas at Machuca

Back in civilisation, it was time to feed up. From tomorrow it’s going to be tough.

Family sized pizza

Family sized pizza

  1. Nice pizza!

    I think Spinningsouth took this route. I thought about it, but have decided against including this one.

  2. valerievolk says:

    Sounds sensible. How many families was that pizza meant to feed?????

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