Day 3. 76km. Kalpa (2770m) – Dubling (2469m)

Posted: July 6, 2018 in Cycling, India
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Today was the first day of my annual leave. Up to now it’s just been weekend and work-life balance days. Work- life balance feels so removed from where I am, sitting in a roadside store in the remote Himalayan village of Dubling, camping in the owner’s yard. I’m back on the road again.

My humble abode

My humble abode

Today had lots of different elements. Morning rain. An interesting discussion while watching the rain. Technical difficulties. Bad road surface but spectacular views. An unexpected camping experience in Dubling.

My hotel guest mate goes around to schools and puts on an educational performance. An interesting life. He had lots of tips for the road forward.

I’ll cut to the chase, and show some photos from this beautiful road.

Scree warning guy

Scree warning guy

Car wreck

Car wreck

Rivers joining

Rivers joining

View up the river

View up the river

Side stream

Side stream

The hotel that I was expecting in Dubling wasn’t there. I’d deliberately avoided the village of Pooh to stay in Dubling near the start of tomorrow’s big climb.

The kind shop owner let me pitch my tent in his yard. No longer credit card touring – just lots of human to human contacts.

I asked if there was somewhere to get dinner, and I was told that would be sorted out. A sequence of misunderstandings saw me go to bed when they shut up shop, and eat some biscuits in my tent. Then, when I was almost asleep I was invited to dinner. My hindi is, indeed, not brilliant. The evening was the perfect example of having to go with the flow, and see where out leads you.

  1. Absolutely fantastic pictures! I’m assuming the technical difficulties were more than just the wrecked car that was on the side of the road (clearly having some technical difficulties!).

  2. Eliza Waters says:

    I can imagine that they don’t get a lot of visitors out there!

  3. scottlazar says:

    Pooh has a fantastic guesthouse with amazing views! I done this road up to Manali last year. Was going to go all the way to Leh but had mechanic issues.

    Have a great trip.

  4. Akertrav says:

    That’s the secret to go with the flow, enjoy

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