Day 2. 87km. Jeori (1406m) – Kalpa (2770m)

Posted: June 28, 2018 in Cycling, India, Uncategorized
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I sat on the balcony, breathing in the view of the massive mountains on the opposite side of the valley. In front was the temple village of Kalpa. Slowly, slowly, the shadows of the mountains behind crept up the mountains in front until it faded to darkness.

The weather changed with a thunderstorm at 2am last night. It was cloudy and beautiful weather for climbing up the valley today.

The narrow road was cut out of a vertical cliff in parts. In others it dropped down to run just above the river.

There were lots of hydro electricity plants and lots of military garrisons. Regularly I was passed by one military truck after the next. You can tell this is near the disputed border with China.

The highlight was the climb from the valley to the capital of the district – Reckong Peo, and then up to the temple village of Kalpa. It was a bit of a slog though. Kalpa is over 1000m above the river.

I’m all kitted out for a forey tomorrow across the inner line – the area near the Chinese border.

  1. Eliza Waters says:

    What a workout those mountainous roads must be. The scenery is quite different now!

  2. Denis Bajraktarevic says:

    That will be an interesting journey.
    What bike are you riding?

  3. valerievolk says:

    Fabulous photos, and some fascinating reading Matthew

  4. alessandro zorat says:

    good to see you on the move again. We’ll follow you through your ride. Ciao from Trento.

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