Final video: Dilli (Timor Leste) – Adelaide (Australia)

Posted: October 7, 2016 in Australia, Cycling, Timor Leste
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The 41483km bike trip has come to an end, and I have been working on the final video. It’s a long finale to this two year trip. I hope you like it.

  1. carlos says:

    Great video. Great journey. Great two years. All great things come to an end. Hope the transitioning to the non-cycling lifestyle is going ok. Looking forward to reading about future adventures. Hope we, the daily readers of your blog, don’t have to go cold turkey as well..All the best.

  2. Wendy says:

    Loved your stories, the people you met. All the best for the next stage!

  3. Justin says:

    Great ending of a beautifull trip. Dat pakt nooit meer iemand af en heeft je gevormd voor het leven.

  4. Jodi Dutta says:

    Wonderful video, amazing trip. I can’t imagine how it feels to be at the completion….we’re so very proud of you. Congratulations, Matthew!!

    Arhan really enjoyed seeing this video too.

  5. Doug Fannon says:

    Great job Matthew – congrats!

  6. Peter Nieuwenhout says:

    Hoi Matthew, ik heb van je hele wereldreis genoten! Succes verder en heel erg bedankt.

  7. Joost Bijsterveld says:

    Wow Matthew. You have done it! I am so proud of you. I have been following your travels and what an amazing experience and achievement. I hope it was what you hoped it would be or even better. Goed gedaan manneke!

    • Heeey Joost! Bedankt! Het was alles wat ik heb hehoopt en meer. Erg geweldig. Groeten naar iedereen in Eindhoveen. Dat was mijn vorig leven. Laat mijn volgende leven nou komen!

  8. anja van de stolpe says:

    Hoi Matthew,

    gefeliciteerd!!! Met zoveel plezier mee-genoten van al je fietsavonturen, fantastische prestatie!

  9. Andi Kellner says:

    Hi Mathew
    Congratulationns to completing your great journey!

    I enjoyed all your stories from this wonderful adventure. They triggered memories from places that I had been to, dreams about places that sound wonderful but that I will probably never see and gratefulness that I only have to cycle to work through the German rain and not carry my bike through the mud in the Australian desert -naked- for a whole day.
    I was looking forward for your blogs every day for the last two years and will surely miss your stories and pictures.

    Alina and I wish you all the best for your next challenges down under.
    Drop by if you ever come back to Aachen.

    • Thanks Andi and Alina. Great to hear from you. Several times recently I thought about times we had together. Talking about Singapore, and about speech recognition systems..
      Cool. All the best and greetings from Downunder. M

  10. Eliza Waters says:

    Great video, Matthew. It’s been a pleasure following your travels. You are one of the very few that have biked halfway across the world. Congratulations!

  11. petitpas says:

    bravo Matthieu , tu as réalisé ton rêve et tu m’as fait voyager pendant tout ce temps , je te dis merci et te souhaite le meilleur pour la suite , qui à mon avis va être un peu difficile au début . nous avons reçu Virgile (qui était parti depuis 5 ans) au Warmshowers , qui nous as dit avoir fait un bout de chemin avec toi.
    je vais m’inscrire sur le blog de Clément s’il veut bien de moi, pour continuer à rêver.
    je t’embrasse
    nicole Petitpas égreville 77 France.

    • Salut Nicole. Ah – je me rappelle être chez vous avant ce tour mondial de vèlo. C’étais super chez vous. Je crois que chez vous c’etais la première fois j’ai utilisé warmshowers. Un sèjour memorable!
      Merci, et amities de Adelaide!

  12. Mark van Gils says:

    Great work Matthew! And many thanks for the very impressive 2-year journey-diary, it was a great pleasure to follow it. All the best wishes for the next steps on the trail!

  13. John Smeets says:

    Ik zag vanavond pas je video maar heb ervan genoten.
    Dank je wel voor al je berichten foto,s en je belevenissen de afgelopen 2 jaar.
    Het leven zonder de fiets zal heel anders voor je worden maar mocht het niet lukken dan fiets je toch gewoon terug naar Eindhoven.
    Nogmaals veel dank en het gaat je goed.

  14. Yvon says:

    Mooi en coole muziek. Icehouse staat hier nu in Itunes favorietenlijst.. En als het wordt aangezet, dan moet ik even aan je denken, dat is lollig toch. Hoop dat het goed gaat in het great southern land. All the best!!

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