Day 472. 7km. Novar Gardens – Brighton

Posted: October 6, 2016 in Australia, Cycling
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They were all there. They used to call themselves Judy’s Remnants. All of mum’s friends that used to meet for coffee. Through them, mum was there too. Welcoming me home. It’s been a long trip.

The Arch of Remembrance

The Arch of Remembrance

We adjourned to a restaurant for lunch and chatted. The afternoon was spent by myself – at the jetty, at the cemetery. I watched the sunset. I have seen so many sunsets over the jetty. Now, this is the last sunset of my bike trip. The end of this chapter of my life, and the dawn of the next one.



Brighton at sunset

Brighton at sunset

Brighton at sunset

Brighton at sunset

  1. Frank Zucchi says:

    Hi Matthew – an awesome end to a fantastic trip. Take care, and good luck with the future! Cheers Frank and Penny (met you and Clement in Wilpena)

  2. It’s been a privilege, being able to follow your trip! It’s been a blast! I can’t wait to see so many of those places, myself. 🙂

    Here’s to your next adventure!

  3. Paul Montgomery says:

    Well done. I have loved hearing about it all. The ups as well as the downs.
    I hope we will catch up again before too long. I’m keen to hear how life moves on for you. With best wishes. Paul

  4. Erik Heijn says:

    Dear Matthew
    Thank you for two years of traveling with you. Succes with youre life.

  5. J.J.van der Linden says:

    Bedankt voor alle mooie berichten. Ik heb er heel erg van genoten, wat een prestatie. Het gaat je goed, van uit een zonnig Scheveningen.

    J.J.van der Linden Werfstraat 148 B 2586 BA Scheveningen ??? +31 6 37294029 E-mail:

    ________________________________ Van: Verzonden: donderdag 6 oktober 2016 11:27 Aan: Onderwerp: [New post] Day 472. 7km. Novar Gardens – Brighton

    arctic-cycler posted: “They were all there. They used to call themselves Judy’s Remnants. All of mum’s friends that used to meet for coffee. Through them, mum was there too. Welcoming me home. It’s been a long trip. We adjourned to a restaurant for lunch and chatted. The”

  6. sushey says:

    Congratiulations! What an awesome trip you did, and you took all of us with you! Welcome home, and all the best to you for your future.

  7. AndrewGills says:

    Epic journey. Thank you for taking us along. I feel privileged to have read your bike adventure from start to finish

  8. jovialspoon says:

    Many congratulations. It’s been fascinating and inspiring to follow your journey these past two years. Sincere thanks for all your efforts to share the images and stories of your many adventures. Best wishes for your future.

  9. Justin says:

    Gefeliciteerd kerel, fantastisch leuk je reis mee te beleven. Super gedaan.

    Groet Justin vanuit het natte Amsterdam.

  10. burt4754 says:

    What kind of work will you be looking for? Will this trip be on your resume? You are an inspiration! If I ever get to Australia I’d love to look you up. You won’t need it, but best of luck in whatever path you take.

    • Hi Burt. Yes. The trip will be in my resume. I’m not sure what I’ll be doing next. It will take some time to work they out. It will certainly be a different life to the one I’ve had over the last 2 years.
      Look me up if you are in Australia. Greetings from Downunder!

  11. arnemebus says:

    Dear Matthew! I can’t believe you reached your final destination!!! And I want to thank you for letting me follow your trip with all those experiences and impressions, ups and downs for all those months. The first time I came across your blog you were still getting ready for the trip and a few weeks later I started following it when you were crossing through my home country, Grrmany. Then on through Eastern Europe and down to Turkey. And after your break on to China. I lost track (since you coudn’t post from there) and then “rejoined” somewhere in South-East Asia. Since then I read your posts almost on a daily basis. Very inspiring and fascinating to read!!! And bringing up memories from my own (shorter) bike trips. Your daily updates will be missed. Thank you again and all the best for all your future plans. Best wishes from São Paulo and see you down the road… Arne

  12. Roger says:

    Matthew, I’ve been following your progress ever since you left Eindhoven. I’m still in awe of your adventure, what an impressive feat. I now wish you all the best for the next chapter! Greetings from Aachen, Roger

  13. Matthew, twee jaar lang heb ik je verhalen en avonturen meebeleefd. Je hebt een heel persoonlijk verslag geschreven dat ook vaak tot nadenken stemde. Ik zelf fiets ook al een leven lang, en ik denk niet dat jij er ooit nog vanaf komt! Er zijn vast nieuwe grenzen te verleggen! Ik hoop dat je ons nog een beetje op de hoogte houdt van je nieuwe leven in je vader/moeder-land!

    • Dankjewel Marc. Ik denk dat er nog wat fietstochten gaan komen. 😉
      Ik schrijf hier nog als er wat nieuws is. Voorlopig het beginnen met een nieuwe hoofdstuk in mijn leven.

  14. Stephen says:

    Congratulations Matthew !!! well done

  15. Flaco says:

    Thank you for sharing your trip, Matthew! I’ve been following your stories since you were in Europe. Inspiring! All the best in whatever comes next! Ciao from Berlin

  16. Ward says:

    Danm, a truly amazing ride Matthew.
    I follow you since the beginning when you visited a primary school in The Hague, (the day before you left Eindhoven)

    Enjoy Australia, I know. its beautiful…

  17. Ward Ramaker says:

    Danm, a truly amazing ride Matthew!
    I’m following you since you visited a primary school in The Hague. (The day before you left Eindhoven)

    many thank for sharing your stories with us!!

    Ward Ramaker,

  18. Ward Ramaker says:

    I’m not shore if you read anything about this idea already, but please Matthew, make a short ( 3 – 6 min) video of your total trip. That would definitely go viral!

  19. Hallo Mister
    Het was bijzonder dat ik your wereld reis heb kunnen ervaren zomaar vanuit mijn luie stoel, all the ups and downs, je volharding enz.
    Een iets wil ik bijzonder belichten, hoe gastvrij mensen waren hoe arm ze ook waren.
    Nogmaals dank en op zijn Brabants HOEDOE.
    Next year. I love to sicle Adelaide/Melbourne if my healt (62) let me.
    Greetings Annie

  20. Hello Mathew, It was a honour to follow your world tour day by day. And yes, cycling is the best way to see and feel the world, nature, culture, love from the all the people you meet …
    Hartelijk dank en het ga je goed daar in Downunder.

    • Dankjewel Daniel. Het wordt een interessante tijd nu. De volgende stap in mijn reis. Heel anders dan de afgelopen 2 jaar – geen kilometers, geen bergen of wind tegen – intussen ken ik zulke challenges goed. Dit zijn nieuwe challenges, en ik ga ze nu aanpakken. 🙂

  21. […] After 41483km, arrival at Brighton Jetty, Adelaide. […]

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