Day 446. 67km. Indulkana – Marla

Posted: September 4, 2016 in Australia, Cycling
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There they were on the side of the road – the beautiful Sturt Desert Pea. I’ve only seen them here in the far north of South Australia. South Australia – I’m getting very near.

Sturt Desert Pea

Sturt Desert Pea

With only 65km on a bitumen road with a tailwind we had time to sleep in and talk with John and his visitor Liz. Then we left the APY Aboriginal lands – after about a week in this beautiful place which has left our heads spinning with contradictions I need time to process.

Leaving the APY Lands

Leaving the APY Lands

We arrived in Marla and collected the several tonnes of food our friends in Alice Springs had sent. Having been invited to dinner almost every night in the APY lands, we still had lots of food, and there was no way we could possibly take this food with us on the Oodnadatta track. I did a circuit of the caravan park and found a lovely New Zealand couple – Wendy and Gregory – to take our excess food to Oodnadatta. Now we are all set for the next dirt road into the outback – one I have driven several times before.

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