Day 445. 67km. Mimili – Indulkana

Posted: September 2, 2016 in Australia, Cycling
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The trip is complete. We were allowed to enter the APY Lands to visit Robert Stevens – the head of Fregon community – and now we have seen him. Bumping down the road to Indulkana a car stopped, and out he stepped. Thank you for this amazing opportunity!

Robert Stevens

Robert Stevens

We continued our tradition of stopping for a day in the aboriginal communities, and spent the day in Mimili with Helen and Kel. Another lovely day of talking and sharing stories, and of talking to the kids in the school. We spent the evening in the youth centre watching a debriefing of a football match in the Pitjinjinjara language, and meeting an energetic young aboriginal man that is in a new generation that ‘walks in both worlds’. He grew up with his aboriginal roots, but has studied and spent much time in the wider Australian society. He has a unique opportunity to lead, and improve the lot of the aboriginal people.

Helen and Kel

Helen and Kel

We are staying with a teacher from the school in Indulkana – a keen cyclist who will be joining us tomorrow cycling to Marla. Thanks, John for your great hospitality!

Car wreck

Car wreck

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