Day 420. 37km. Darwin – McMinns Lagoon

Posted: July 22, 2016 in Australia, Cycling
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Clement and I followed the Stuart Highway to my school-friend Bec’s house 30km out of Darwin. We experienced a string of firsts on this, the next very different leg of the adventure. The new orchestra of birds – familiar for me, new and exotic for Clement. The ‘fuck-off you wanker!’ abuse that cyclists get dished out all the time from motorists in Australia. Clement’s introduction to Aussie Rules football as we kick a footy around the back yard. And an amazing dinner with food we haven’t seen for so, so long.

Is there a resemblance here? :-)

Is there a resemblance here? 🙂

Bec and I spent the late evening looking through our old school magazines, spotting us and our class-mates – the girls with their frizzy hairdos and the boys with their haystack ones – so popular in the 80s. It’s been almost 30 years. Ouch!

It was great to see Dad again, who came up from Adelaide to meet me. When I see him again I will really be in the home stretch – in the last kilometres before Adelaide. The end is nigh, and I am excited and scared at the same time.

  1. Been thinking of you a bit the past few days – I had such feeling flying back into Brisbane to finish my riding down to Sydney. My journey was so much shorter than yours and you’ve managed to get back to the Island by boat! Really so happy for you and expect you’re feeling a bit … disorientated? All the weirdly familiar but unfamiliar things. Enjoy it and stay safe on those NT roads.

  2. Peter Nieuwenhout, the Netherlands says:

    No significant differences, only old & young! Great!
    Good luck with your trip through Australia.

  3. arnemebus says:

    Congratulations for reaching Australia!! I’ve been following your adventure since you took off from Holland and will do so until you will reach Adelaide. Already 2 years?! Have a safe final stretch!! Best wishes from Brazil (unfortunate too far away to join you on your final days). Arne 🚲☀️🇧🇷

    Von meinem iPhone gesendet


  4. Eliza Waters says:

    Wow, you do look just like your Dad!

  5. Christoph says:

    Hallo, ich habe deinen Weg von Holland nach Australien täglich verfolgt. Danke für die tollen Berichte. Gute Reise noch durch Australien, ich werde weiterlesen. Grüße Christoph

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