Arctic Cycler arrives in Adelaide – will you join?

Posted: July 22, 2016 in Uncategorized

Jetty Road, Brighton, Adelaide

Jetty Road, Brighton, Adelaide

Exactly two years after leaving Eindhoven on my bike, I will be standing on Brighton Jetty in the suburbs of Adelaide, Australia. You are welcome to join me there to celebrate the end of this life-changing world cycle trip. Furthermore, you are invited to join me cycling, driving or motorcycling through beautiful areas north of Adelaide in the two weeks before my final arrival in Adelaide. This will be a slow meander through some of the most beautiful parts of Australia at a pace that everyone can keep up with, and enjoy!

More keen travellers are welcome to join me earlier, travelling at a faster pace.

August 31, 2016: Start meander to Adelaide at Wilpena Pound.
September 13, 2016: Arrival at Brighton Jetty, Adelaide, Australia.

On the way, we can stay in local pubs and wineries. I will probably try camping everywhere, or other interesting options – more fun and interesting – and also cheaper.. 🙂

Rough itinerary:
Aug 31, Sep 1: Wilpena Pound.
Sep 2: Wilpena Pound – Hawker (55km)
Sep 3: Hawker – Quorn (66km)
Sep 4: Quorn (Devil’s Peak, Mt. Brown) (My grandma was born here)
Sep 5: Quorn – Melrose (62km)
Sep 6: Melrose (Mt. Remarkable, Alligator Gorge)
Sep 7, Sep 8: Melrose – Clare (131km)
Sep 9: Clare (Clare Valley wineries)
Sep 10: Clare – Tanunda (97km)
Sep 11: Tanunda (Barossa Valley Wineries)
Sep 12: Tanunda – Balhannah (68km) This leg is not flat. Flat alternatives are possible.
Sep 13: Balhannah – Jetty Road, Brighton. (37km) Via Mt. Lofty with view over Adelaide.

Please let me know if you can join. It will be fun!

For those keen on joining me for some desert cycling, here is my planned route through Australia up to the meeting point in Wilpena Pound. The last part involves some bad road cycling (Oodnadatta Track). I will see if I want to do that or not nearer the time.. 🙂

  1. AndrewGills says:

    Wow! You’re almost home. I hope you have a fantastic ride across Oz. I’ll enjoy seeing your take on local landscapes

  2. sushey says:

    Congratulations and biggest respect to you! Though there is still some way to go, you reached Australia – what a huge achievement. And you blogged nearly every day, too, so I lift my hat for you. Have a safe journey through Australia, which hopefully welcomes you back with lots of cheers!

  3. Aotearoavivente says:

    Ohhh, errr, I am tempted!!

  4. If I weren’t cycling to Melbourne, next month, I might just have joined you. 🙂

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