Day 413. 17km. Tutuala – Jaco – Tutuala

Posted: July 11, 2016 in Cycling, Timor Leste
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How long should I wait? It had been four hours. There was no sign of Clement as I scanned the waves on the stretch of water between Timor and Jaco island. After the bumpy descent to the beautiful pristine white beach with turquoise water, Clement had set out to swim to Jaco island. I had visions of him drowning in the high waves on the way back, and finally paid the $10 to catch a boat there myself.

View out over to Jaco

View out over to Jaco

Clement arrived at the beach just as I was pulling away in the boat. I only spent minutes on Jaco island before returning, after confirmation that Clement was indeed back on the Timor beach.

I did, however, lie on the white sand, swim in the turquoise waters and generally relax. It was amazing to be in this beautiful place, and nothing to do but just enjoy it. I was looking out over a pristine island with sandy white beaches, and behind was Darwin – as close as I can get to it by bike. I’m quite proud of that achievement.

View out over to Jaco

View out over to Jaco

The ride down had one of the worst road surfaces of my trip. It was like bumping down a rocky creek bed – but very steep. Still, it makes getting there all the more satisfying.

The road down

The road down

Clement returned over the moon. He swam with a turtle, and explored the island with a real Robinson Crusoe feeling – alone on such a beautiful tropical island.

  1. Does the black line along the beach on the map represent you pacing up and down wondering what’s become of Clement?

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