Day 399. 112km. Koka Beach – Kringa

Posted: June 25, 2016 in Cycling, Indonesia
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‘Do you want to see the new-born baby?’
We all walked in the (almost) full-moonlight down the street to the hospital to see the new baby boy. All the family seemed to be there to admire the boy, laughing and joking in a very jovial event. He is one of the next generation to live on this planet that I have cycled across. I wish him all the best!

The road to Larantuka

The road to Larantuka

The appearance of the people has been changing. They are now clearly different – very dark, many with dark hair with tight curls. Passing slowly from Europe it is fascinating seeing the people change from European through to Asian and now towards Aboriginal Australian.

Hello mister kids

Hello mister kids

The road was almost flat for 30km today and it was lovely to speed through with music blaring. It can get demorilising crawling up a hill only to descend again ready for the next one. I passed little lean-tos in the palms next to the sea.

House amongst the palms

House amongst the palms



I’m climbing the last major pass before the end of Flores, and am staying in a little village in the mountains. A lovely family welcomed me into their home. The world is full of wonderful, caring people!

  1. Eliza Waters says:

    You’ve followed nearly the entire path of mankind out of Africa! An amazing thing to experience I expect.

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