Day 389. 116km. Lembar – Kayangan

Posted: June 12, 2016 in Cycling, Indonesia
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‘Where did the 4 cyclists go? When did they leave?’
Down the steep hill I had just climbed to get to the last coordinates I had for Clement and his friends.
‘Did you see 4 cyclists?’ I asked at the important cross-road.
‘Yes! Yes!’ They pointed empfatically in one direction.
And so I tracked them down. They weren’t expecting me for another 2 days, apparently.



They were lazing in a gazebo on the side of the road – very surpised to see me. Clement had met up with 3 friends in Denpasar, and they had slowly been making their way across Bali and Lombok. We slowly went in search of a beach to sleep at – while my feet were itching.

The road to our meeting point was moderately unspectacular – there were a few nice views in the morning light.

Morning light

Morning light

We saw our first locals that, as far as we can see, are actively destroying their environment (people that live there – not big companies that consume and leave). The people were burning coral to make a white powder like cement for construction. They not only collect the loose coral that washes up on the shore, but blow up big chunks with dynamite and bring it to shore. I don’t know how long this process can be sustained.

Don't destroy the coral

Don’t destroy the coral

Tomorrow Sumbawa – alone once again. I will race on and see Clement again in Timor.

  1. Eliza Waters says:

    Your morning light photo is ethereal, Matt. So beautiful and still.
    Glad you found your cycle buddies.
    Sad to hear about the coral. The indigent are often the worst offenders of nature as they see little alternative.

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