Day 388. 87km. Bondalem – Lembar

Posted: June 11, 2016 in Cycling, Indonesia
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John – an animation guy from New Zealand and David – the manager of the hotel – made it hard to get away (in a nice way). John has done some amazing animation projects with Mauri themes, which stimulated the thinking juices for what my next life will be. I was thinking about how close this next life is as I scaled some minor hills to get to the boat to Lombok. The final island hopping has begun in earnest.

John, David and me

John, David and me

My dawdling has to stop. When I roll out the map, I see the many islands to cross and the many hills to climb. And the many boats to take. Today I cycled with a mission – to reach the boat to Lombok, and take the 4 hour trip. The little climb next to the volcano was pretty.

Going over a small pass

Going over a small pass



I think I’ve been spoiled by the volcanos of East Java. The views were nice, but, the remoteness was lacking. Westeners were zapping around everywhere on their motorbikes and the divers were out in force. I went to look at a beach and saw the divers stumbling forward to shore – like zombies invading the planet.

Tonight I find myself sleeping in the waiting room at the harbour on Lombok. Tomorrow I might catch up with Clement and his friends.

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