Day 307. 15km. Singapore – Batam

Posted: February 11, 2016 in Cycling, Indonesia, Singapore
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Flanked by taxis we cycled away from the Indonesian port into the night.
‘Taxi, taxi, taxi!!’ cried with such determination, ignoring the fact that we had another mode of transport.
‘Where you go?’ asked the police with sirens whirring and blue lights pulsing.
‘Hello mister!’ cried everyone – motorcyclists, shop owners, people sitting on the side of the road. ‘Hello mister!’ screamed out from all directions with such passion. Welcome to Indonesia!

Slick mall in Singapore

Slick mall in Singapore

Compare that with our entrance to the ferry, walking our bikes through the slick mall. We were treated like royalty at the ferry terminal. Guided through the process by our own special officer, our bikes and luggage were screened and tenderly transported to the quay. Our letter of permission to transport the bikes on the ferry in hand, we proceded through customs where I had a coffee chat to the woman that stamped my passport. All very pleasant.

My time in Singapore had come to a end. Thanks my friends Penelope, Steve, Kiera and Seth for the great time, and thanks SK for all the amazing help and advice!

SK and friends

SK and friends

  1. What’s the letter of permission, to transport bikes on the ferry?

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