Day 297. 85km. Taiping – Ipoh

Posted: January 22, 2016 in Cycling, Malaysia
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A day of big roads, Indian food and wall murals. The clouds were out and a tailwind at the end of the day made for easy sailing. A filling of food and wall murals sees me now fit for the 1500m climb tomorrow up into the less hot heights of the Cameron Highlands.

Wall mural, Ipoh

Wall mural, Ipoh

Wall mural, Ipoh

Wall mural, Ipoh

Wall mural, Ipoh

Wall mural, Ipoh

Malaysia is amazingly multicultural. Indian, Chinese, Malay all mixed together. Food, a diversity of scripts (southern Indian and Chinese as well as the latin script) make it feel like a welcoming place.

  1. I’ve missed a few days and there you are already halfway through Malaysia. How’s the population density? Are the roads full of crazy drivers? Any sign of the rubber plantations which were the lifeblood of the old colony? Safe pedalling out there!

    • Hi there.. I haven’t noticed the population density being higher than southern Thailand. There are, however, fewer smaller roads to escape on. And, yes, I’ve seen some palm oil and rubber plantations, but not too many yet..

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