Day 287. 105km. Phum Riang Beach – Phang Kan

Posted: January 9, 2016 in Cycling, Thailand
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I got up before dawn and walked out onto the beach, the waves lapping at my feet, and the panorama of stars laid bare above my head. And then I saw her. Majestically hanging in the sky. ‘Hello. It’s been a while. I’ve cycled from far-away climes to see you!’
The Southern Cross.

Sunrise at Phum Riang Beach

Sunrise at Phum Riang Beach

It is warm, but there is a light cool breeze. My eyes are adjusted to the dark. All I can see are stars and the silhouettes of trees. And the glimmering water. The water is calm, lapping over the damp sand before receding for the next wave. In the distance is a bright star – it is approaching. As it nears, I see a beam of light pointing forward from the star. At its side there is a red light, flashing every few seconds. Then I see a shooting star, falling from the heavens towards the water. I feel at peace here. By myself. The sand between my toes and the breeze ruffling my hair. And the Southern Cross on the horizon. The day will start soon, but now – right now – the world sleeps and time has lost its meaning.

The morning was beautiful, but, the small roads past lonely beaches was not on the agenda today. Instead were main roads with traffic extending in straight lines across the hot, dry landscape. I avoided the biggest of the roads but navigating my way along side roads with Google Maps. Tomorrow a dash down to Phanggna to catch the ferry.

  1. Eliza Waters says:

    Sounds wonderful. And the Southern Cross, you must feel almost at home.

  2. Direction Phuet 🙂 ! I have sent a mail to my doughter with your blog address, if she and her friend feels fine to invite you, she will tell you here on your blog. It’s up to her to decide. They surely will enyou your Thai pictures.

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