Day 148. 81km. Qalai Khumb – Dashtak

Posted: September 28, 2015 in Cycling, Tajikistan
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The valley is one of walls. Walls of rock. We ply the road perched on the valley edge, watch the water gush past below, and the people walk along the impossible road etched into the side of the cliff-face opposite in Afghanistan.

The road to Khorog

The road to Khorog

The road is beautiful, undulating along this amazing valley. Compared to the last few days, the road surface is good (but still pretty dreadful), and so we could spend some mental energy gazing at the mountains of rock around us.

The road to Khorog

The road to Khorog

The road to Khorog

The road to Khorog

The road to Khorog

The road to Khorog

We have an amazing camp spot on a rocky peak overlooking Afghanistan. My first beat-bush to a camping spot. A lot of fun!

  1. valerievolk says:

    Truly amazing scenery. What does ‘beat bush to a camping spot’ mean? Good to talk to you yesterday and hear your account of recent times.

    • Beat bush to a camping spot means pushing through dense bush, the branches bending with you as you pass, and then flinging back into place. The person behind needs to watch out for their eyes getting poked out. Imagine walking down from Mt Lofty but not on a path. That’s bush beating.

  2. Ward Ramaker says:

    Again a few great pictures! I still read and enjoy your stories every time:)
    Enjoy the ride mate!

  3. Amazing pictures! I look forward to the next update

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