Day 142. 109km. Denav – Dushanbe

Posted: September 22, 2015 in Cycling, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan
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I walked through the door piercing the surrounding high wall, and entered touring cyclist paradise. Vero and her house and garden are famous – all touring cyclists come here before setting out on the Pamir Highway. And here I am, little Matthew. I’m about to set out on the Pamir Highway!

Vero giving us tips on the Pamir Highway

Vero giving us tips on the Pamir Highway

Three young French cyclists ushered me in, bikes in hand. These bikes looked hard-core, with tyres wide enough to fit on a small car. As I entered in further, more bikes were hanging around. In front of me was a beautiful verandah with armchairs and couches, and a big garden full of cyclist’s tents. Another cyclist was sitting on the verandah reading. A parrot in a cage welcomed me as I was shown inside.

I had heard of Vero from other cyclists on the way. Famous like Akbar in Marand, all cyclists find themselves staying here. I spent the evening sharing stories and dreams with the other cyclists, and before I knew it, it was bed-time.

Its great to be cool again. After my heat-stroke (was it that?), I stayed in Denov for a day, mostly lying in front of the fan, or sitting inside the air-conditioned supermarket. In the evening the cool change rolled in, and it was wonderful. I cycled to Dushanbe through the haze into a headwind, but was happy. It was cool again!

  1. ton smeets says:

    Hi Matthew

    I cannot wait for the photo’s of the Pamir Highway.
    They must be unbelievable and I hope you will enjoy it very well.
    Are going alone ????
    To all the other photoviewers: if you entlarge the photo’s you can see the magnificent details.
    Good luck.

  2. jovialspoon says:

    I hadn’t heard of the Pamir Highway until reading this post. I’ve just checked out some pictures and it looks incredible. Can’t wait to see your photos along the way. Safe travelling to you.

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