Day 129. 145km. Quchan – Mashhad

Posted: August 27, 2015 in Cycling, Iran
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Not every day is a scenery highlight. The road was straight, flat and boring, and the wind was against us. Coming into Mashhad, Def Leppard gave me energy, and it was like a spin racing class, with sprints and acrobatics on the highway. I laughed as I saw the signs for Mashhad count down the kilometres. I have come a long way from home, and I am happy.

Resting on a carpet couch

Resting on a carpet couch

Its now time for a day or two of recovery before the Turkmenistan dash – 550km in 5 days. My legs and bum are sore, and it is time for a rest.

  1. jovialspoon says:

    Wow, 550km in 5 days! That’s quite an achievement. A rest is well-earned.

  2. Jon Marshall says:

    Good luck, I hope that the wind and weather are kind!

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