Day 128. 131km. Bojnurd – Quchan

Posted: August 23, 2015 in Cycling, Iran
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An early night with zero entertainment seemed very appealing, so, a hotel was on the agenda. Only, we couldn’t find a hotel. Turn left at the roundabout and then straight on. No, back where we came from. Hotels in Iran are hidden, but, we found one. Didn’t find a restaurant though.

Some lamb heads

Some lamb heads

The road was straight and flat with a slight tailwind. We cycled some effortless kilometres along a wide, barren valley. The only interest was another police passport check.

View off the side of the road

View off the side of the road

Quchan seems to be very conservative. All women walk around fully covered in black. Even the hairdresser has thick curtains so as to prevent men from seeing women unveiled.



  1. cyclerist says:

    Funny that your photo of lamb heads is linked to a page starting with “lambchop….” 😀

    Great photos as always!

  2. saeid says:

    Dear Mathew if you wish to visit Persepolis you can contact with me also my page is

    • Hey Saeid. Thanks for your message and kind invitation! My blog is actually a few months behind and I’m no longer in Iran. Maybe next time I can drop by! You live in a beautiful country. 🙂

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