Day 110. 67km. Goris – Kapan

Posted: June 27, 2015 in Armenia, Cycling
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After a one-day hibernation in Goris due to total lack of energy and a thumping headache, James and I cycled through the cloud to Kapan. We have heard the road is very beautiful. Well, we saw the road (and other objects) within a circumference of 20m of our humble selves before arriving damp and cold in Kapan.

Kilometres to Meghri and Yerevan

Kilometres to Meghri and Yerevan

Today was good. I felt strong after my bear-like long sleep from 8pm through to daylight, some forays out of the room during the day, and another long night’s sleep. Today there was no wind, which made the steep climb a breeze (hehe). We climbed over the Vorotan Pass – the name makes me think of Mordor from Lord of the Rings. We didn’t see any hint of Mordor, there were no orcs, and no black riders. We didn’t see a hint of anything at all.

In the valley we could see, so I took a photo of James cycling along.

James from above

James from above

Actually, we did see hints of some things. James and I felt at home – we were riding towards the Crazy Club.

The Crazy Club

The Crazy Club

And the Velcome Disco seemed very velcoming.

The Velcome Disco

The Velcome Disco

Arriving in Kapan we ran into another cyclist from Australia, cycling from India to Istanbul. He was bursting for an inner tube, and James could oblige. We will be meeting up with him shortly for a pre-Anzac day dinner.

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