Day 106. 77km. Vanadzor – Sevan

Posted: June 15, 2015 in Armenia, Cycling
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Sometimes you want to meet the locals, and have a local experience. Sometimes you need quiet and to be by yourself. Today we wanted peace and a good night’s sleep. We had a beautiful day’s cycling in the sunshine to Lake Seven – a beautiful lake surrounded by snowy mountains. And then a 10 hour sleep. Wonderful.

Fisherman on Lake Sevan

Fisherman on Lake Sevan

Today was up, then down, then up, then down. All in the beautiful sunshine in the Armenian mountains. We got an early start from our kind host in Vanadzor as we needed to climb quite some metres today.

View on the way to Dilijan

View on the way to Dilijan

James on the way up

James on the way up

Emerging from the tunnel before Lake Seven we found ourselves in the snow. Cruising down the river, we saw a gap in the mountains open out with each bend in the road, which turned into a wide expanse with snow-capped mountains on the horizon. Beautiful.

Entering Sevan town

Entering Sevan town

All along the road following the lake shore were little huts, and fisherman waiting for cars to pass. They held out their arms, indicating the size of the fish they could sell. They must have mighty big fish in this lake!

  1. Alessandro says:

    Lots of snow still. And it looks like relatively “new” snow, not just the leftover from Winter. Beautiful!

  2. cpr says:

    I met my future wife in Armenia 🙂

  3. cpr says:

    Did you come through Abovyan between 3 and 5 this afternoon?
    Asks a guy from Germany! 🙂
    (Close to Giessen and Lahnquelle, you know (I know you know *g*)

    • Hi there. No. It wasn’t me. I’m not in Germany at the moment. 🙂

      • cpr says:

        “Abovyan”, that town 15km before Yerevan! 🙂
        I just hear that two cyclists came through today! 🙂

      • Ah. It wasn’t me.. My blog is delayed for various reasons – mainly as I didn’t want to blog on Iran while being in Iran. I’m actually quite a bit further on now. I didn’t go to Yerevan, though, so I haven’t been to Abovyan. The places I saw in Armenia were beautiful though. 🙂

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