Day 80. 0km. Eskişehir

Posted: March 25, 2015 in Cycling, Turkey
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Our 300km detour to Eskişehir was to have the spokes on our new wheels readjusted. That took all of 30 seconds. The mood fluctuated today as we considered the snow-filled and -10C options of getting to the Black Sea, and why we are doing this.

Sepa, James and me

Sepa, James and me

We were woken up today by a cat that jumped up from the balcony, latched onto the door handle, and opened the door.

The clever cat

The clever cat

We then fell asleep again, adjusting to the rhythm of the student house of Sefa – our cool, laid-back warm showers host. Breakfast was at 13.30, and our 30 second spoke examination at 15.00.

Eskişehir – at an altitude of 750m – is cold. Our planned route to the Black Sea climbs to 1600m, and the weather forecast there is for -10C and snow. Plagued with fluctuating blood sugar levels and low motivation, we considered our options over a salad or two (each). We will continue and reassess – cycling to Ankara if it gets too cold where Sefa has offered to help us find a place to stay. Thanks Sefa, for everything!

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