Day 79. 78km Bilecik – Eskişehir

Posted: March 22, 2015 in Cycling, Turkey
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There are the side roads that are steep, strenuous and peaceful. And there are the main freeway-like roads that are less steep with many lanes and lots of trucks. Today we chose the second option and slowly climbed to Eskeşehir, accompanied part of the way by our Bilecik friends. Oh. And my first flat tyre of the trip.

Cycling to Eskesehir

Cycling to Eskesehir

The fluorescent troop made it down the freeway-like road.

On the road to Eskesehir

On the road to Eskesehir

And then my first flat tyre on my Koga bike – over 15000km, and nearly 6000km since I left Eindhoven on my world trip. I successfully changed the tyre. Yay!

My first flat tyre of the trip

My first flat tyre of the trip

We are staying with Sefa in Eskişehir – a student at the university, and in a place with lots of cool students popping in and out. Thanks Sefa for the great hospitality!

Dinner at Sefa's house

Dinner at Sefa’s house

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