Day 31. 55km. Porozina – Punat

Posted: October 13, 2014 in Croatia, Cycling
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Cres is a beautiful island! And my it’s hilly. Climbs under a clouded sky, and drops. From high high above the still blue water, the view back at the road traversed is spectacular.

It was only to be a short ride to the ferry to Krk island to visit Annemieke – a Dutch friend of mine that has a house there. But I knew it would be tough.


Spectacular views awaited.



Note to self: Never assume anything about when a road will climb and when it will fall. The road to Merag – the boat to Krk island – caught me by surprise so many times. This time it must be downhill from here on. And then, yet again..


It was good to see Annemieke and to have a lovely relaxing afternoon together in the sun.


  1. Ok friend … but … the sun? Where did you put the sun? Is it on strike? I whish you a lot of it in your future!

  2. Mireille says:

    love reading your blogs every day! great stories. Enjoy the cycling and keep the good spirit!

  3. Mathias Müller (usually I follow on facebook) says:

    Tonight, I thought I’d catch up with your trip reading your blog from the start. Just have look at it or so …. Hell, that’s soakin’ good reading here. But now that I have arrived just at day 31, I have to stop – though far behind in your trip. Well, I love your stuff a lot. You sure wow me. But above evrything: best wishes and respect.

    • Hey Mathias. It’s good to hear you like my blog. 🙂 There is indeed a lot to read now – a lot has happened. It feels like I’ve lived a lifetime in the last year!

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