Day 42. 22km. Nordkapp – Honningsvåg

Posted: July 19, 2013 in Cycling, Hiking, Norway
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4 minutes with a Maserati to climb what took me an hour on the bike. The start of the walk to Knivsjelodden – the real northern most point of Europe. A walk through wind and fog to nice views of the North Cape.

Day 42. 22km. Nordkapp – Honningsvåg. Map and gpx.

I had planned to get up at 6 to walk to Knivsjelodden – the northern most point of Europe. It is a 9km walk from a car park near the North Cape. It was cold, windy and drizzling at 6. I rolled over in bed and continued sleeping.

When I finally rose, I met a Dutch guy and his son who were going to do the walk. I joined them. Rather than struggling up the hill (again), Tom kindly offered to take me in his Maserati with the roof down. With clubbing music blaring we rocketed up the mountain.

It was a bit of a rush, and really cool with the music.

It is a 9km walk to Knivsjelodden from the car park over rolling arctic grass and rock, and through some minor swampy bogs. It was cold, windy, drizzling on and off, but still a lovely walk. I love this type of landscape. So rugged, bare and beautiful.



We dropped down to the coast and then skirted along the peninsula until the very end – the northern most point in Europe.


From there the North Cape looms.


The absolute northern most point is a rocky outcrop jutting into the sea.


Thanks Tom and Maurits for the great day.

The heavens showed the first signs of clearing on the way back, making for some spectacular light shows.

It was amazingly windy cycling back. It was a side wind or tail wind. On the flat I cycled 30km/h without pedaling. Cycling with a side wind I had to lean into the wind and cycle at 45 degrees. I was almost blown of by several gusts. Now I’m back in Honningsvåg, ready to catch the early morning boat to Havøysund. Should be good.

  1. AndrewGills says:

    WOW!!!! Both the views and the speed on the flat

  2. ekhaugli says:

    I missed you by a couple of days. I’ve had such a hectic summer that I haven’t checked my blogs. Now I see that you were up at the North Cape a couple of days ago. Wish you the best on your continued travels. Impressive! All the Best, Erica.

    • Hi Erica. Nice to hear from you. Indeed, I was in your home town a couple of nights ago. It’s been a great trip. I’m now on my way to Lakselv and then the Svaerholt peninsula.
      All the best!

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