Day 8. 106km. Swinoujscie – Dzwirzyno

Posted: June 15, 2013 in Cycling, Poland
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I am lying on a beach listening to the waves roll in. It is warm and it is quiet. I contemplate my day. I found it a trying day. It’s nice to come to rest now.

Day 8. 106km. Swinoujscie – Dzwirzyno. Map and gps.

The sun was bright early this morning and I could tell it was going to be a warm day. I talked to a nice Polish couple who were also camping there, and the woman of the couple took me shopping to help me find what I needed at the local sklep (shop). It’s amazing how the little skleps are camouflaged in the middle of the German tourist mile. Nestled between 2 tourist restaurants, I didn’t notice the sklep, even standing in front of it. I now know to look out for the symbol of a frog.

The Baltic Sea bike route (the R10) is interestingly signposted. The signs are there indicating where the future bike path will be. The signs are always located at places where the road quality is not too bad (so one can’t take a photo of a swamp path with the R10 sign visible), and the signs are only on places to confirm that you are actually on the R10. They are less common at intersections. I can’t find the photo I took of the sign. 😦

After Swinoujscie, the road went through a forest. As time went on, the path got rougher and rougher. I think I pushed my bike through deep soft sand and mud about 20% of the time.


It was a nice forest, though.

I stopped at the end of the forest path. I had something to celebrate – passing the 1000km mark. This was done at the first place I saw. I was something. Exhausted is not the word. You need to concentrate, and so I was mentally tired. In between the sand and mud there were patches with badly aligned concerte slabs which made for a jittery ride with sudden soft sand patches to keep you on your toes. Oh. And my bum hurt. My deep fried cotlett with chips lifted my spirits.

With forest paths off the menu, I took the main road. That took me through a hilly forested region and then past lots of beach towns. A brief departure from the main road brings you to the lovely beaches.

Leaving the coast brought me to Trzebiatow with a huge church that is visible from miles away.

At the church I met a German couple on their bikes following the R10 to Gdansk. They had a book describing the route. I wish I had that. All the tips, and descriptions of what is coming up. I’ll buy it next time. 🙂

Returning to the coast from Trzebiatow was a breeze. Well, a very strong tail breeze and a perfect road surface. And not much traffic. Lovely.

I wanted to clock up 120km, but gave up at 105km. Instead I put up my tent and went to lie on the beach. I was beat.


  1. AndrewGills says:

    Your ride looks amazing

  2. Dina says:

    Thanks for all the images, Matthew. It’s amazing to follow you on this adventure!
    Bleib gesund und munter! 🙂

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