Day 3. 147km. Bad Essen – Bremen

Posted: June 10, 2013 in Cycling, Germany
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Sun, lakes, swarms of bugs, cycling accompaniment, the Bremen town musicians and fresh asparagus looking out over a lake at sunset.

Day 3. 147km. Bad Essen – Bremen. Map and gpx file.

The route was beautiful. I followed the Brücken route from Osnabrück to Bremen. Tiny roads through fields and forests. I also passed a big lake (Dümmersee) with swarms of tiny bugs. Mouth closed and glasses on I moved across the moor landscape.

Near Twistringen I was overtaken by a guy that asked me where I was going. The North Cape. Cool. He wanted to go there too. He cycled along with me, showing me an alternative lovely route. Thanks Joschi!

The weather got nicer and nicer – and warmer.


And then into Bremen. A beautiful old centre.


And a visit to Bremen is not complete without seeing the Bremen musicians. I remember learning about them at school in Australia – all those years ago and kilometres away.

I’m in a camping ground in Bremen with the swishest toilet and shower building I have ever seen. Even with ambilights (from Philips?). And a very picturesque restaurant overlooking a lake. I enjoyed fresh asparagus while I watched the sun set over the lake. This is the life.

Tomorrow off to Hamburg and a cycle with Kai from the cycling forum. Our route has been adapted to avoid the Elbe ferry that is not running due to the high water level. We’ll be going through the old Elbe Tunnel which is meant to be awesome. A day to look forward to. 🙂

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