Svalbard Day 5. 30.07.2012

Posted: August 20, 2012 in Hiking
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After a long day comes a day of rest. We slept long and deep. When Sam woke us up, he told us it was much later than ‘8’ (Svalbard time). Today was a day of hanging around the camp. Chatting about life, the universe and everything. We were quickly becoming a group. We have been through some adventures. The group dynamics was defined. And the bonding was taking place. That is the beauty of being on this windswept island in the high arctic. Life is lived in the now. Enjoying now, and contemplating life from a distance – a distance from the hectic reality we all have – but much closer to what life perhaps really is.

We had a lunch of reindeer stew. It was our only meal other than breakfast. We voted that it was 10 pm not too long after lunch.

And then the sun came out. For the first time of our stay on Svalbard. Someone secretly glanced at their watch. In the real world it was midnight. The midnight sun. And it was beautiful.

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