Day 14. Honningsvåg – Kjøllefjord – Mehamn. 39 km

Posted: July 22, 2012 in Cycling, Norway
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Today had everything. Sleep, eat, sleep, cup of tea, pack, cup of tea, contemplate belly button. It also had having a drink out of glasses made from ice in a bar made of ice. It had a lazy ride on the luxurious Hurtigruten boat from Honningsvåg to Kjøllefjord. It had an awesome ride through the most barren landscape yet. A climb to a plain of grey, rolling rock, patches of snow, and lakes supplying streams running down into fjords. It was cold, grey and wet, and blowing so strongly that the Hurtigruten wasn’t stopping at all the ports, and had cancelled some of the excursions. Luckily the wind was a tail wind that blew us on to the high plains. Near Mehamn – our final destination – it was a side wind. I had to concentrate completely to not be blown off my bike, scooting down the mountain.

Me and Chris in the Ice Bar

Me and Chris in the Ice Bar


Chris and me in the Ice Bar in Honningsvåg.

The Ice Bar

The Ice Bar


Me in the Ice Bar in Honningsvåg.

Cycling up the high plains

Cycling up the high plains


Cycling up to the high plains.

On the high plains

On the high plains


On the high plains.

Mehamn is a lovely place a million miles from anywhere. Another little village sitting on a bay surrounded by a desolate arctic moonscape, the place has charm. Feeling cold and wind swept, we stopped at the first sign of a room for the night, to be greeted by a lovely, lively South African working at a place called Red Tree. They had rooms but also lots of interesting knick knacks. He enthusiastically told us that Mehamn was the best place in the world. Amazing scenery (which is true) and great things to do – winter and summer. In the winter you can go kite skiing. This would be fantastic on the endless rolling tundra plains with the gale force winds. March is the best month. Anyway, he had no rooms left, but arranged us a room in the local hotel and the following night in a Sami camping ground near Kjøllefjord.

We didn’t stay longer as I was slipping into hypothermia, and we made our way to the hotel and I had a super long shower to warm up.

I like Mehamn and this peninsula.

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  2. Arthur says:

    Haaha, I just red, you have been to the ice bar anyway 😉

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