Day 13. Honningsvåg. 0 km

Posted: July 21, 2012 in Cycling, Norway
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Today it rained all day and blew a gale. I exhibited the feline side of my personality. I slept and ate. Periodically I looked out of the window. This convinced me to remain in this feline mode.

Chris and I slept in, had a late breakfast and many cups of tea. We wanted to at least set foot in Honningsvåg centre (and not just be in our lodge on the outskirts). We went outside, dressed for the rain, ready to walk the 3 km to the centre. After 10 metres we returned. At that point a couple of drenched French backpackers arrived. That was it. Time for an afternoon snooze.

At a certain point, in a feline way, we decided it was time for dinner. We cooked up our North Cape meal than we took all the way to the North Cape and back. Anything else would have involved a dash in the rain to the supermarket.

But, we did need to go to the supermarket. After hours of procrastination we made the dash.

Despite the bad weather forecasts, we plan to do a short trip on the neighboring peninsula. We needed supplies. Sweet tooth Matthew was calling the shots.

Sweet tooth at heart

Sweet tooth at heart


We then wanted to go to the famous Ice Bar to celebrate our achievement of reaching the North Cape. But we were not going out there in the rain. Time for a taxi.. 🙂

The Ice Bar closes at 20:00 – even on Friday night. (!) We ended up in the Nøden bar which was probably much nicer. A local bar.




A wonderful rest day with lots of chats and cups of tea. Almost a highlight of the trip..

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  2. Arthur says:

    Good thing you did not go into the Arctico Ice Bar, they do not even sell alcohol….. 😉

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