Day 3. Stokmarknes – Frøskeland. 73 km

Posted: July 10, 2012 in Cycling, Norway
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Today I woke up at 3:30 and left the tent by 4:30. I was on the road at 6.

The trip started over two bridges, the second being an impressive structure over a fjord. I had a lovely view out over the water with mountains in the background.

Bridge at Stokmarknes

Bridge at Stokmarknes

Then the road followed the northern coast of a peninsula of Langøya island. Slowly the landscape became less sharp, and the road came more up and down. It was rural in parts with sheep wandering on the road. There was also a stretch of lovely spots with lots of ‘boligs’: holiday houses.



Bolig on Langøya

Bolig on Langøya



I had my first ‘mountain pass’ for the trip. Before this the mountains were too steep to pass. I climbed up and over to Sortland where I bought an inner tube and had a long lunch in the sun.

I had my first ‘couch surfing’ experience today, staying with Svein: a guy who lives 15 km out of Sortland. He has a house looking out over a lake, and we had a nice dinner and chat over Norway, biking, his guests and his job as working in a school for refugees.

Couch surfing with Svein

Couch surfing with Svein


I really want to thank Svein for his wonderful hospitality. It was great staying here and chatting with him!!

I hope to get a good night’s sleep, making the most of the curtains.. 🙂

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