World Cycle 2014: Bulgaria

We saw the remote parts of the country. Mountain roads passing through villages and towns that were poor. Without much economic activity, and the towns half empty, people leaving in search of a better life.

Overview: here

Last country: Greece
Next country: Turkey

Day 64. 49km. Zlatograd – Momchilgrad: Lying on my bed in the bridal hotel in Momchilgrad, listening to the chill out music James is playing on his laptop, I ponder on the day. Wonderful, friendly people in a bleak landscape, penetrated by a shiny bright new EU road that, one day, will connect Bulgaria to Greece.
Day 65. 90km. Momchilgrad – Ivaylovgrad: Everything according to schedule. From 250m, up to 630m, down to 200m, up to 800m, down to 200m. Home, done and dusted, and ready for dinner by 4. James had 3, or maybe 4 courses, depending on how you count. It’s good to have some hills. We felt overfed and under-exerted yesterday.


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