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“What’s that highrise building on the top of that hill?”

“It’s the highest private residence in Australia.”

I looked a bit stunned. This high rise building was in the middle of nowhere. The guy just shrugged and chuckled.

Today was sticky and warm with the ever present threat of rain that didn’t eventuate.

Time for a day off. Tomorrow will be wet with thunderstorms.

“The track might be muddy but you should be able to get through.” The track was lovely but not the adventure I was expecting.

Old Gibber Track

The road today started through koala country – or so I’m told. I cycled with the eyes up in the branches. Didn’t see any koala but I did see long stretches of sandy beach.

The road to Bulahdelah was a bit up and down, and I arrived quite early, all ready for an early dinner.