Green Pedals

The children are our future, and they inherit the world that we leave them. I want to leave them a habitable world, where each can lead a healthy and satisfying life. This is only possible if we treat the world as our home, look after it, and use its resources in a sustainable way.

Green Pedals (also on Facebook) is a movement to promote the topics of sustainability and health in our schools around the world. It aims to maintain a dialogue on sustainability, organise activities to encourage engagement in the environment and health, and work with schools to build sustainable infrastructure that exemplifies sustainability, stimulating engagement and ownership of this topic in local communities.

In September 2014 I will leave my job of 16 years, and my home of 21 years, and cycle 36000km from Eindhoven in the Netherlands to Adelaide, Australia where I was born. On my way I will meet people, I will observe, and I will write. What are the sustainability issues people face across my path, and how do they deal with them? Who are the people? What are their stories? I will also try to raise money for Green Pedals to promote this dialogue, and use to realise sustainable infrastructure in selected schools on my route.


  1. Amir says:

    Hi there

    Good luck with Green pedals !

    Love to help and do the same in Iran …

    Amir – Miyaneh

  2. Resources says:

    […] Cycler: Cycle touring blog about cycling from the Netherlands to Australia. Also check out his Green Pedal […]

  3. Love this! Is this something you’re still working on?

    • The last Green Pedals activity I did was in Jakarta. I have spoken to other schools in the back blocks of Indonesia, but on a more superficial level. Its great seeing the spark in the kids’ eyes. Maybe they will be leaders in the future.
      My Green Pedals colleague Mansi Jasuja is very active on the sustainability front in the Netherlands, and her school is working on sustainability with the kids.

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